Frequently Asked Questions

How can I test the Darterbase Premium Edition before purchasing?

We like to provide you a full premium license for a few days. So you can check first if the activation works fine and if you really like the features of the Premium Edition.

How can I pay the Premium Edition?

Currently, we offer the possibility to use PayPal and the classical bank transfer to pay the Premium Edition.

How long will it take to receive my Premium Edition license?

We create the license file as soon as we have received your authentication code and your contribution has been credited to our bank account. Once the file is created, we will sent it to you immediately. Please take into account that a bank transfer within Germany usually takes 2-3 business days (business days are Monday to Friday). A standard EU or international transfer takes 5-7 days. It is also possible that our response is delayed due to illness or vacation. We therefore ask for your understanding in case of any delays.

Are there fees which will be charged if I choose a specific payment method?

For all payment options, no further fee is charged by us.

Can the Premium Edition be used on multiple computers?

The Premium Edition license is provided for only one computer. Usage on further computers is prohibited. If you would like to run the Premium Edition on multiple computers, so please purchase a corresponding number of licenses. We like to give volume discounts.

Will I get Darterbase including the Premium Edition sent at home?

The software deployment is exclusively on our website. The software package already includes all the features of the Darterbase Lite Edition and Darterbase Premium Edition. A delivery by mail is not provided until now.

There is a new update available. Do I need to acquire a new Premium Edition License to unlock the new premium features?

Your Premium Edition is limited by time, but you will benefit from all the premium features we develop until your license expires. After installing the new program updates all the premium features are enabled automatically. You don't have to acquire another license.

Why should I donate to Darterbase?

The web site causes some monthly expenses (reservation of domain & webspace) which should not be underestimated. In addition to these external costs, we've got further costs within the development process. These include expenditures for servers, PC's for testing (Windows, Linux, Mac), technical educations and software applications.

We will definitely reinvest every money, which comes from the donations, for Darterbase again. We promise! For example, should some money remain we would like to provide professional, fully-licenced caller-sounds. Do you have other ideas?

Last but not least, a donation would naturally increase our motivation to keep Darterbase alive, so that we do not have to strike the project, which we develop in our spare time, out alone (at least financially) anymore.

Your donation, no matter how much, helps the project and allows us to provide a much better darts software for you. Thank you for your financial support!


Do you like Darterbase? Then it would be very nice if you show your appreciation by spending us a symbolic beer. This will cover the costs to keep the site running, and develop Darterbase.

Thank you & have fun with Darterbase!